PhD candidate (ULille/Le Fresnoy)
Complice @La HEAD - Genève
Residency @UJM/CIEREC

Co-founder of l4bouche
Co-editor @Excès

02.03 “Affects high-tech & futur effondré”/Portfolio #3 (performance w/ Théo Pozoga, mod. Ingrid Luquet Gad) @Gaîté Lyrique (Paris, FR) [link]
09.02 3pm “Jupiter Space”: Curating Zoe Sofia’s Paradigms of Exterminism, Excrementalism and Extraterrestrialism @EROSS lab., Dublin City University [online]

03.02 Humains, trop humains. Les sémantiques et mouvements de l’après, NOVA_XX/CWB (talk w/ Pascale Barret, Carla Marand, Emilie Notéris, mod. Sarah Fdili Alaoui) @IRCAM (Paris, FR)
08.12 Nova_XX, CWB (Paris, FR)
28.10 What Makes Me Wander, Korean Cultural Center (Brussels, BE)
15.10 (l4bouche) Jupiter Space, Les Limbes (St Etienne, FR)
29-30.09 Porn Film Festival (Berlin, DE)
17.09 Les Boucherie #2 (Clichy, FR)
12.09 Sicilia Queer 21 (Palerme, IT)
11.09 Les Mains Gauches (Marseille, FR)

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Written during the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, the first episode of Stream me river reports on a survey conducted in the future. The reading is enhanced by videos, images and live discussions of “crawlers” incarnated by synthetic voices that search the internet and generate, through a program, their own body of texts. These pointers are enigmas to be solved in order to catch sight of a society surrounded by an extreme linguistic capitalism.

The Perfect Fluid is the 2nd episode of the Stream me a river serie. Back from the future, Val and Jean-Claude are on the roof of a building, just before the Apocalypse. The bodies observe each other and come closer, until they experience a carnal fusion with meat fallen from the sky.

In Hypersoupe, 3rd episode of the Stream me a river serie, Val waits for a message from Jean-Claude.
In this semi-improvised reading for smartphone and voice, we dive into a love story at a distance. While setting up the expectation of the text message that does not come, the performance draws a molecular landscape of stream and notifications that repeat, modify, and harmonize themselves.

1. Stream me a river
2. Stream me a river 2: Le fluide parfait
3. Stream me a river 3: Hypersoupe

Augmented readings, prod. Productions Rhizome (Québéc,CA), Le Wonder/Liebert (Bagnolet, FR), Le Printemps de Septembre (Toulouse, FR)