Cindy Coutant is a visual artist based in Geneva. Her films, installations and augmented readings focus on the slimy aspects of life intertwined with technology, the triumph of slobber over language, and the dumb whims of the western world to master an elusive nature.

Complice @La HEAD - Genève

Co-founder of l4bouche
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. The future is unmanned @Liveinyourhead - Genève (CH)
. Temps de Mars, Musée des beaux-arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH)
. Sounds of Earth Part. 2: Afterlife, mixtape w/ Théo Pozoga (commissioned by FRAC Corsica)
. Entretien (fr) @Trou Noir

· 1984-2024 : Désarmer le grand récit de la technologie. Sexo-sémiotique high tech et grammaire du futur, soutenance de thèse, 08.02.24 @Fresnoy
. Les heures sauvages + Anarkhè-exposition @CWB Paris (FR)
. TechXploitation @Amicale du futur, Lyon (FR)

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The undershoot is, in linguistics, a phenomenon of failure of the articulatory target. In other words, when we say something that doesn't come out, because we get confused, because we have a deformity, or because the acoustic conditions are not right, we call it an undershoot.

The Undershoot series focuses on famous or anonymous personalities: Chelsea Manning, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Youtubers. Caught in situations of language, these subjects are staged to expose the inseparable nature of bodies with their technical devices of enunciation, from online chat to language.

Each in their own way, they expose their attempt to "realize" their virtual identity.

1. Undershoot, sensitive data: Chelsea
2. Undershoot, sensitive data: Cristiano
3. Undershoot: we whistle and we blow
Installations, prod <3 (Zebra3, Confort Moderne, LAC&S Lavitrine)