PhD candidate (ULille/Le Fresnoy)
Complice @La HEAD - Genève
Residency @UJM/CIEREC

Co-founder of l4bouche
Co-editor @Excès

02.03 “Affects high-tech & futur effondré”/Portfolio #3 (performance w/ Théo Pozoga, mod. Ingrid Luquet Gad) @Gaîté Lyrique (Paris, FR) [link]
09.02 3pm “Jupiter Space”: Curating Zoe Sofia’s Paradigms of Exterminism, Excrementalism and Extraterrestrialism @EROSS lab., Dublin City University [online]

03.02 Humains, trop humains. Les sémantiques et mouvements de l’après, NOVA_XX/CWB (talk w/ Pascale Barret, Carla Marand, Emilie Notéris, mod. Sarah Fdili Alaoui) @IRCAM (Paris, FR)
08.12 Nova_XX, CWB (Paris, FR)
28.10 What Makes Me Wander, Korean Cultural Center (Brussels, BE)
15.10 (l4bouche) Jupiter Space, Les Limbes (St Etienne, FR)
29-30.09 Porn Film Festival (Berlin, DE)
17.09 Les Boucherie #2 (Clichy, FR)
12.09 Sicilia Queer 21 (Palerme, IT)
11.09 Les Mains Gauches (Marseille, FR)

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The undershoot is, in linguistics, a phenomenon of failure of the articulatory target. In other words, when we say something that doesn't come out, because we get confused, because we have a deformity, or because the acoustic conditions are not right, we call it an undershoot.

The Undershoot series focuses on famous or anonymous personalities: Chelsea Manning, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Youtubers. Caught in situations of language, these subjects are staged to expose the inseparable nature of bodies with their technical devices of enunciation, from online chat to language.

Each in their own way, they expose their attempt to "realize" their virtual identity.

1. Undershoot, sensitive data: Chelsea
2. Undershoot, sensitive data: Cristiano
3. Undershoot: we whistle and we blow
Installations, prod <3 (Zebra3, Confort Moderne, LAC&S Lavitrine)