cindy coutant

Doctorat en cours (ULille/Le Fresnoy)
Complice @La HEAD - Genève [inter]action
Résidence en cours (UJM/CIEREC)
Co-éditrice éditions Excès
Co-éditrice & curatrice @La Bouche

11.09 Les Mains Gauches (Marseille, FR)
12.09 Sicilia Queer 21 (Palerme, IT)
17.09 Les Boucherie #2 (Clichy, FR)
15.10-13.11 (l4bouche) Jupiter Space, Les Limbes (St Etienne, FR)
28.10-21.01 What Makes Me Wander, Korean Cultural Center (Brussels, BE)
29-30.09 Porn Film Festival (Berlin, DE)
08.12 Nova XX, CWB (Paris, FR)
26.01 Portfolio #3, Gaîté Lyrique (Paris, FR)

Cindy Coutant’s work focuses on the desire of the living to connect with beings and things, the coevolution between species and techno-species, and the anxiety of the present time that collapses on past expectations of the future.
Her thesis (dir. by Nathalie Delbard & Julien Prévieux) deciphers the unthought, untold and the insecurities on which the rhetoric of progress, the culture of science fiction and the imaginaries of the future are based, through a genealogy of the technological narrative that unfolded starting 1984 - in the neoliberal turn, the spectrum of nuclear war and the apocalyptic feeling.

Examining cultural objects and apparatus generated by the mass media, this research seeks to identify the opacity of our time, which is characterized as much by an inability to grasp and articulate a present that seems to have become fungible, where nonsense and déjà-vus dominate, as it is to think of a livable future.

It considers the anxiety of bodies and the indeterminacy of affects as crucial issues for the military-industrial complex, but also as the foundation of another technological narrative. 
Her installations, films and augmented readings are close to the genre of science fiction. They explore different issues such as love in times of technological espionage, affective economics, grammar of anxiety, cyberotics or alternative narratives of the creation of the world.

“Whether videos, installations or augmented readings, Cindy Coutant's works are rooted in desire. The living and the technology take hybrid appearances which are as many possibilities to encrypt emotional states in becoming. Thus, her approach belongs to the genre of anticipation to better radiograph the contemporary mutations of our affects.” (Fabien Danesi)